About Us

The A.H.E.P. is a marketing board that is controlled by a Board of five directors elected by Alberta hatching egg producers.


The AHEP was established in 1982.  Since 1986, the Canadian hatching egg industry has operated under a supply management system.  This supply management system had its origin in the establishment of the Canadian Broiler Hatching Egg Marketing Agency (CBHEMA) which was created under the Farm Products Agencies Act to reflect the terms of an agreement between the federal government, provincial agriculture ministers and broiler hatching egg producers in member provinces. It is the national agency which oversees the orderly marketing of broiler hatching eggs in Canada.   Member provinces are British Columbia , Alberta ,
Saskatchewan, Manitoba , Ontario and Québec. Today (CBHEMA) is known as CHEP (Canadian Hatching Egg Producers).  CHEP is funded by levies paid by producer members based on the quantities of eggs sold.


  • To ensure the availability of a high quality product by encouraging and promoting high standards and efficient practices.
  • To provide an economic environment for the profitable production of broiler hatching eggs.
  • To provide input into the agricultural policy regulatory environment and general agricultural policies impacting broiler hatching eggs.


Alberta Hatching Egg Producers (AHEP) is an industry board consisting of five elected broiler hatching egg producer representatives.  The AHEP establishes programs and policies through member consultation, which ultimately regulate the production of broiler hatching eggs in the province.  The AHEP Board’s authority is established through the Alberta Marketing of Agricultural Products Act creating the Alberta Hatching Egg Plan and Regulations.